Who We Are


Who We Are


Our Mission

OneReasonRecordings is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises funds for social justice through music by bringing together the arts and service to realize our vision of a better world. We empower independent artists by using their talents to mobilize people all across the world to take action in support of organizations fighting for social justice. We are committed to making a real, sustainable impact on communities in need and harnessing the passion of talented artists and writers to change the world.





What We Do

Established in 2012, OneReasonRecordings was originally founded on the concept of utilizing music to help raise funds for social justice. The idea was inspired by daily interactions that our founder, Johnathan Chen, had during his Freshmen year at New York University. His daily commute to campus showed him the prevalence of homelessness in the city. He was struck by the way people ignored them and a vast majority of those people were consistently plugged into their music. With this observation in mind, Johnathan sought to counter the effects plugged in blindness and OneReasonRecordings was born. The premise of the organization was to create themed compilation music albums. The organization would choose one social justice topic, for example: clean water. The organization would collect song submissions that related to the topic chosen for the year, create a compilation album, and 100% of proceeds from that album would be donated to a charity that worked in that specific social justice issue. 

Within the first six months of their first campaign, Water, OneReasonRecordings was able to raise over $5,000 for charity:water, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that builds wells for third world countries, and created their first compilation album, Collecting Droplets. Upon this achievement, the organization quickly gained attention and grew from a mere three or four members to an organization of over thirty individuals located across the world.

Since then, OneReasonRecordings has been the recipient of a Google Grant and has been featured on publications such as The Huffington Post. To date, OneReasonRecordings has created, in total, four compilation albums and worked with organizations such as Food for the Poor and Children's Health, the Nation's 5th Largest Pediatric Hospital.

Since the end of 2015, OneReasonRecordings has temporarily suspended operations as the Founder and Key Department Leaders graduated from college. We are currently restructuring our staff and hope to continue operations soon.


Calculating Impact

Calculating Impact


Since 2012, we have raised over $29,000 in donations that have impacted over 14 different organizations and changed the lives of more than 264 people around the world.

Numerical Total: 

Water Campaign: $5,155 raised

Homes Campaign: $3,200 raised

Hurricane Sandy: $1,400 raised*

Homes Campaign: $796 raised

"Wear is the Love?" Clothing Drive: $12,342 (estimated value of donated clothing)**

Miracles Campaign: $6,223.84 (monetary donation + gift donation value)

Total: $29,116.84 Raised

*Total amount of funds raised is not all direct monetary contribution. Contribution includes advertising fundraisers and spreading awareness for specific charities. We are unable to directly judge exactly what percentage of the amount we raised through our efforts, so we have included all of it in our total fundraising amount. 

**This is the total estimated value of donated clothing for "Wear is the Love?" Clothing Drive. Clothing items were estimated at $3 per item, bringing it to a total of $12,342.


Organizations Impacted: 

NYU Hurricane Sandy

The Siller Foundation


Food for the Poor Inc. 


Housing Works

Big Brother Big Sister



Salvation Army

Lupus Foundation of America


Community Aid

RISD Clothing Closet


Children's Medical Center


Current Projects

Current Projects