Adeel Salman

I am Adeel Salman - a Pakistani Christian Refugee musician, playwright, performing artist and an educator based in Saskatoon, Canada. I am a graduate of the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College New York, USA. I have a Masters in Fine Arts and a Masters in English Language & Literature. I have worked actively in New York, London, Middle East, India and Pakistan performing arts scene. I have been an active international theater artist for the past 15 years.
Who I Am is a tribute to the unsung hereos around the world who have dared to raise their voice against violence, prejudice, minority discrimination, racism etc.
I wrote the song after I was stripped beaten and threatened to be killed because I wrote a play called 295 C, about the infamous blasphemy law in Pakistan, which targets minorities.
The song is an ode to all those heroes who are struggling to be a voice for the suppressed.
The song comes from a very special place and is a product of pain and realization.


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