Angels in Disguise by Jae Jin

Verse 1: 
Step out of the shadows 
And into the light 
With no house to my name 
But a home in my sight

Prechorus 1: 
Hard times find the best of us 
Though they hit us in different ways

Many times we find that we (are) 
Quick to judge and hard to see 
Take a look in my heart, and the places i've been 
There's Love within

Verse 2: 
I'm moving in circles 
Running half empty 
Dodging the curses 
of masses a plenty

Prechorus 2: 
Neither being better or worse 
Cuz we can't count our days

Father hear our prayer 
For this world to care 
Help our hearts and eyes, 
Answer all the cries 
Comfort us in our need 
For humanity. All humanity.