Chris Changchien (aka Claudeo) is most well known for his ability to grow a beard, despite being Asian. When he’s not taming that beast, he is also an aspiring Music Producer and Singer/Songwriter.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Chris grew up playing both the piano and drums and later taught himself the guitar and bass. Although he would lead worship in church, he never considered music as a viable career option, especially since he came from a family of doctors. After graduating from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering, Chris moved to sunny San Diego to work at an MRI lab at UCSD. It was there that he met his future bandmate Ivan Deyoung-Dominguez. While working together, Ivan and Chris found that shared experiences and a desire to make music made them question whether they were truly living the lives they wanted. Similar to Chris’ goal of becoming a doctor, Ivan’s goal had been becoming a bioengineer. Music had never really been an option.

All this changed once Ivan and Chris realized that pursuing their passion actually  meant writing music. Cramped in a small room with guitars, drums, keyboards and sound gear, their thoughts, struggles and hopes began taking the shape of lyrics and melodies. The result was their 2012 EP, Sing it Out,  a blend of indie rock and electronic vibes. Sing It Out  mirrored the exploratory process of Ivan and Chris as they departed from a life that had been preplanned, to a life of spontaneity and passion. Sing it Out challenged audiences to take a chance, escape, and find joy in what they were meant to do. Following that mantra, Ivan and Chris acquired an additional bandmate, quit their jobs, and went on a 2-month tour around the US and Canada.

After coming back from their tour in late 2012, Chris moved to Los Angeles and began working as an Assistant Engineer under the guidance of Mister Rocks at ST5A. Along with tracking and mixing for clients, Chris also worked as the resident webmaster and video editor. He has worked on projects for Kollaboration (Priska, The Rhee Brothers, Mike B, Hana Kim), The Royal Band, Oliver Peoples, Audio Rents, Jaeson Ma, Dan AKA Dan and rapper DEEN.  Outside of the studio, Chris also has had the opportunity to work with The Jubilee Project, Jason Chu, The Fu, and recently wrote a song for Jeremy Lin.

Chris’ music is a blend of indie rock and electronic music with pop influences. As both a producer and an artist he understands the balance between capturing the raw emotion of a song and perfecting the sound through production. He’s always down to meet some new faces, so check out his music and let him know what you think!



Upcoming Events: 

  Claudeo is set to release his first EP: The Half Serious EP

Claudeo is set to release his first EP: The Half Serious EP

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Recent Releases:

Don't Stop The Fight (single), featured in Jeremy Lin's "Summer Nights" Youtube video: