Homeless Prayer by Moriah Georges

Verse 1

There’s no place for me down here

Not a thing for me, but coldness and fear

I’ve no place to rest my head

All I take with me to bed are my saltless tears


Verse 2

Not a penny to my name

I can’t spare a morsel from this borrowed plate

All my hands hold is this cardboard sign

All the help that it can find brings me back to the same



I think of how I used to be

And where it is I’d like to be

I try and try to make a change

The results are all the same

Well clearly this is not my time

but I wish that it were yours

I just want to come home



A feast before my enemies

A mansion on the streets of gold

A refuge from these strangers’ eyes

and the judgments that they hold

Only ‘cause they don’t know



Not my story

Not my name

Not my shame and not my pain



Last line

I just wanna come home . . .