Izzy Salinel

Izzy Salinel is a 19 year old singer/songwriter born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E. But is originally from the Philippines. Music has always been her passion but never really invested in it around her teenage years. After taking part in many theatre productions she started getting motivated to learn more. She self taught herself the guitar and the ukulele, and started to make her own compositions herself. ''Music to me, is freedom. freedom to express our deepest most feelings and emotions, to explore our imagination, or just absolutely anything at all. It has the power to inspire and to create, to bring people together. It truly is an amazing thing, I cant imagine my life without it. it's beautiful. Music my whole life, it's a part of me. I would make something out of it even if one thing didn't work out. I love what I do as a whole. It's a passion. There was this one quote from one of my favorite artists and he said 'love what you do, not the love that you get from it' and music and I, we are one.''



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