A Bear, A Child & A Red Balloon


A Bear, A Child & A Red Balloon

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A Bear, A Child, & A Red Balloon is OneReasonRecordings' 2014 Miracles Campaign Album. Proceeds from this album benefit Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, the 5th largest pediatric hospital in the nation. An eclectic mix of artists and music styles, A Bear, A Child & A Red Balloon showcases 12 songs that are related to the topic of Miracles.


Track List:

1- Let It Go by Claudeo

2- Color Blind by Austin Luu

3- Chasing Skies by Alice Kim

4- Up Up Up and Away by Jennifer Tam

5- Fraud by Britt Pham

6- Rescue Me by Jackie Paladino

7- Invisible Things by Noele Flowers

8- Suspiras by Giselle Hausman

9- Who I Am by Adeel Salman

10- Awake, O Sleeper by Simon Ng

11- Pebble by Francesca Ursua

12- Miracles by Sarah Rynn

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