Foundations Album


Foundations Album


Foundations is OneReasonRecording's compilation album for their 2013 Homes Campaign. This year's album has 12 songs from some of the most talented and up and coming artists in the world. All proceeds from the album will go to Food for the Poor Inc., to build sanitary housing for those in third world countries. 


Track List: 

1 - Spinning Around by Mara Measor

2 - Good Enough by Daniel Switch

3 - Airport Floors by Yifan Wu

4 - Down the Road by Waty

5 - The Dorothy Experience, Pt. I by Aservant

6 - The Dorothy Experience, Pt. II by Aservant

7 - Rise by Apollo 22

8 - Real by Francesca Ursua

9 - Our Home (feat. Byron Wu) by YC Shao

10 - Homeless Prayer by Moriah Georges

11 - Angels in Disguise by Jae Jin

12 - To the Clouds by Xan

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