Exclusive Interview with dumbfoundead

Earlier this month, ORR’s Director of Public Relations, Catherine Ye, had the opportunity to interview Korean rapper Parker, also known as dumbfoundead / Korean Jesus, at ACE31, ACU’s annual student-run fashion show. He is known for his rambunctious, real-talk approach to life, music, and himself, holding back no punches. In this excerpt of the interview, he shares his thoughts on the performance industry and the YouTube scene.

C: With regard to performers, what do you think makes someone the best?

D: You know! The people know, the community knows, we know—we’re not stupid. You can’t underestimate the audience. The more you underestimate that, it’s gonna be the norm, it’s gonna be the norm for us to watch every performer do a Bruno Mars cover and that’s the stuff. Like how many times have you heard that? Someone does a Jason Mraz or Bruno Mars cover on stage with a guitar—you know what? Let’s get some original content—I’ve seen it all. I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time,  since college, and I’ve seen it all, the worst of the worst, the best of the best.


C: What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

D: I would just say you gotta get outta your comfort zone, that’s number one…The YouTube scene kinda scares me, because all those YouTube kids reach a plateau and they don’t go further than that. You gotta graduate from that into mainstream media. What I mean is like if there’s a YouTube kid who has half a million or a million subscribers who has never played a show outside of his bedroom—he might have a lot of viewers and followers but say he gets a deal and they throw him on the stage, is he gonna know what to do?


According to him, getting out of your comfort zone and really putting yourself in front of a crowd and performing live is the true test of whether an artist will be a successful performer. At OneReasonRecordings, we push the fact that we truly are there for the artist, the music, and the passion that drives the lives of both.




Special thanks to Justin Choy for arranging the interview.


Yifan Wu Announces New EP: Half Empty

Yifan Wu has announced that he will be dropping a new EP: Half Empty, maybe as soon as March! 

Curious? He's uploaded a music video featuring one of his original songs, Through Windows.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from OneReasonRecordings and our artists. We hope you've had an amazing 2013!


Our artists have been busy spreading holiday cheer. Check out the videos our artists, Jae Jin, Cate Song, Mara Measor, and Francesca Ursua, have released and check out this short song that Moriah Georges wrote!

Mara Measor Releases New Christmas EP

Talk about beautiful. Mara Measor has just recently announced her new Christmas EP, Turn Me Up. You can go and order the physical CD now: http://bit.ly/1bh19et. The digital will be out December 2nd!

Did we mention that the CD comes with a handmade CD case? AND $1 from every purchase goes to charity to help disaster relief in the Philippines.

Music can change the world. What are you waiting for?


Upcoming Album Releases

We've been lucky enough to partner up with a bunch of talented, up and coming artists for our campaigns. Now we're kicking it up a notch by working with these artists to produce their own EPs and Albums.  

We're happy to announce that we will be soon be releasing two EPs, one with Francesca Ursua and one with Izzy Salinel. These talented artists have spent hours perfecting their songs and our talented Director of Music, Byron Wu, is currently putting the finishing touches to their tracks.

Stay tuned for more release information!


 Izzy Salinel

Izzy Salinel

 Francesca Ursua

Francesca Ursua

Rock out to 89.7 with Jae Jin

Jae Jin has been rocking the radio on 89.7 as part of Baltimore's Hit Parade Playlist. If you missed his performance they're re-airing at 4PM this Sunday on WTMD/WTMD!

Check it out: http://wtmd.org/radio/2013/10/17/baltimore-hit-parade-playlist-jae-jin-oct-15/

The Struggles of Music: What We Are Doing to Change Them


I had the sincere pleasure of meeting, in person, Mara Measor, who was one of the talented contributing artists on our 2013 Homes Campaign Album, Foundations. We met up at a local coffee shop. I grabbed a green tea, while she went for a whole wheat bagel. With her busy schedule, she hadn't even grabbed lunch yet. We sat on a bench outside and began talking. Something that I realized off the bat, Mara was the person I pictured her to be. She was the gentle, kind and funny person that her lyrics, her posts and her music portrayed. 

She was interested on how OneReasonRecordings started and how we were doing. The conversation flowed smoothly, one topic to the next. It was like talking to an old friend. These were the artists that we wanted to know. We wanted people who were not only talented, but caring. We wanted those concerned more about the quality of their music, rather than the monetary gain from them. We wanted to be able to support our artists as much as they supported us. 

One thing that Mara said that really stuck with me was, "I want my music to be meaningful." As hard as it was being an independent musician, she was much more concerned about how she could cater to her fans, rather than how to accumulate income. She began talking about her most recent album, Mara, which by the way is incredible. She said, "I spent two years working on this album. It was a lot of work and I had a lot of support, which I'm thankful for. After the album was completed, I had to do a bit of advertising and PR work. It's so hard to advertise myself because I don't want to force my music on people. I don't want it to be noise amongst the music that is already out there. I want my music to be meaningful. I don't want people to feel like they have to buy it. I want them to buy it because they want to." 

This directly goes into what I have to say next.

I'm happy to announce, after hours and hours of conversation, debate and work, that we've restructured OneReasonRecordings. As I'd like to say, "Welcome to the next big thing." Because as much as we focus on social justice and what music is able to contribute to that mission, our artists are just as important. When reality hits, music is a hard industry to go into. We know that ourselves and the independent artists are well aware. It takes more than just a good pair of chords. It takes resources and connections. It takes support and advertising to make artists successful. 

So what do I mean by the "next big thing?"

We believe that a huge concern for independent artists is that in order to get many of the resources you need or require, you have to sign onto a record label. With a record label, there are other concerns that artists have. Is the pay good? How is my schedule? How much freedom do I have in terms of the music I write and what I perform? Signing onto a label can sometimes be much harder for an artist. At the opposite end, not having those connections and resources puts a nice road block in the middle of an up and coming artist's music career. 

Here is where we come in. 

We are transitioning into a pseudo-label. I say pseudo because we aren't going to be exactly like a record label. What we raise in funds, will be donated to music programs around the world. What we want to be able to do is to start setting up connections and partnering up with different organizations to provide the full-blown advertising/marketing/recording/mixing/mastering/distributing experience to all of our independent artists at no cost. We want to provide the full experience, regardless if the artist donates a single or an album. We want to do our best to help as much as possible during and after the recording process. We want to start connecting our musicians to gigs. An artist that works with us isn't bound to a contract detailing how much music should be released in what time, what they need to change, what they need to write about and what fraction of a fraction they'll make with each album/song sold. To help alleviate the burden that many independent artists experience, not only are we covering the cost for distribution, but we'll even give an artist a cut of up to 30% per song/album sold, if they don't want to just donate their music. 

Artists who are interested in working with us, please check out: http://1reasonrecordings.org/prospective-artists 

This got us to think even more, not just about the independent artists out there, but those in the music field (teachers, studio producers, composers, musicians). We wanted to support them as well. So we created a music service page on our website: www.1reasonrecordings.org/music-services. People who are interested with working or learning from talented musicians and teachers would be able to go on there and buy a lesson or a composition and then a percentage would be donated to OneReasonRecordings. 

For those that are interested in being included in our network, musicians and teachers of any sort, please check out:  http://1reasonrecordings.org/prospective-career-in-music-orr

We also want to partner with film crews and studios around the U.S., so if this is something your company might be interested in, please check out: http://1reasonrecordings.org/prospective-partners .


We'll still be doing something similar to our campaigns, so don't worry! With the money that is raised through our new system, unless we're working on a specific campaign, we will be looking to fund for music programs and create music schools around the U.S. and around the world. 


Music changed our lives. We're here to change someone else's. 


Join us, whether you're a musician, an artist, a teacher, or just someone who loves music. We need your help to make this possible. Let's change the world through music. 


This article was written by Johnathan Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of OneReasonRecordings