Earlier this month, ORR’s Director of Public Relations, Catherine Ye, had the opportunity to interview Korean rapper Parker, also known as dumbfoundead / Korean Jesus, at ACE31, ACU’s annual student-run fashion show. He is known for his rambunctious, real-talk approach to life, music, and himself, holding back no punches. In this excerpt of the interview, he shares his thoughts on the performance industry and the YouTube scene.

C: With regard to performers, what do you think makes someone the best?

D: You know! The people know, the community knows, we know—we’re not stupid. You can’t underestimate the audience. The more you underestimate that, it’s gonna be the norm, it’s gonna be the norm for us to watch every performer do a Bruno Mars cover and that’s the stuff. Like how many times have you heard that? Someone does a Jason Mraz or Bruno Mars cover on stage with a guitar—you know what? Let’s get some original content—I’ve seen it all. I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time,  since college, and I’ve seen it all, the worst of the worst, the best of the best.


C: What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

D: I would just say you gotta get outta your comfort zone, that’s number one…The YouTube scene kinda scares me, because all those YouTube kids reach a plateau and they don’t go further than that. You gotta graduate from that into mainstream media. What I mean is like if there’s a YouTube kid who has half a million or a million subscribers who has never played a show outside of his bedroom—he might have a lot of viewers and followers but say he gets a deal and they throw him on the stage, is he gonna know what to do?


According to him, getting out of your comfort zone and really putting yourself in front of a crowd and performing live is the true test of whether an artist will be a successful performer. At OneReasonRecordings, we push the fact that we truly are there for the artist, the music, and the passion that drives the lives of both.




Special thanks to Justin Choy for arranging the interview.