Simon Ng

Simon Ng, the sole member of The Gain We Had, doesn't know the road.  He may not know the sound of the road humming its own rubber-concrete song, its bittersweet serenade from city to city. But the sound of the road can't possibly sing as loud as the sound from the hearty attitude of The Gain We Had.

The Gain We Had began as a daring ambition in February 2014, when Simon's parents were out of town for three weeks. Simon wanted to record, mix, and release an EP within those three weeks. And so, he started. Three weeks later: no EP, no loud noise coming from the speakers of random listeners, but the dream never stopped. With more themes, more songs, more lyrics, and more conviction than before, Simon's debut EP is well on its way.

The band name is adapted from the Bible. Philippians 3:7 says, "But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ." The verse is the driving force behind The Gain We Had, as well as the main theme for the debut EP: where there is an opportunity for greater gain, we must first lose something for it. The question will always be whether we are willing to consider our personal gains as personal losses, if only to take hold of even greater things.  As long as the name of the band exists, the question will always be asked. 




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