Composed: Izzy Salinel

Lyrics and Melodies: Izzy Salinel

Mixing/Mastering/Piano: Byron Wu


V1: I found a place, beyond the lake

I heard it call my name, telling me to come in

inside i felt safe, my worries washed away

and I could close my eyes and live another day

another day


Chorus: And I, get lost sometimes

stuck in a pool of fear, I begin to hide

And life will get tougher and tougher and harder and harder

and the struggles we're facing,

will beat us up until we're down

but I know where we're safe and home is where its at


V2: Minute by minute another life bids goodbye

and we're all stuck thinking that maybe we're out of time

everyday's a battle for someone else out there

oh, a roof above their head is all they need to make them rise from the fall

so let's make a stand and reach out a hand and make them understand,

they're not alone, they're not alone

they're not alone 




V3: So please don't leave it all you don't understand,

we're all here to lead and command to,

make this world a better place to make up a heart and save a face a soul a life,

stuck in the maze of misery and strife

don't we all, don't we all

need a lift?

And I get lost, most of the time