The Dorothy Experience Part I

I travel light,

Cuz I’m going back home again,

No cares in sight,

I am one with the road my friend,

Cuz I know soon as I step through the door,

It’s all good,


I can’t be late, as I'm going back home again,

Four blocks away, from seeing friends that I know again,

But a question that comes to my mind,

Why do I smell smoke?


Then the firemen say,

Look here come my way, son,

Do you live here?

Won’t somebody explain?

My perfect life’s gone away,

With the flame of a heater,

Tell me where do I go?

How do you burn in the snow,

I click my boots three times,

And hope I wake up soon,

Through tears and fears,

 I can’t find my way home,


My buddy calls my phone,

Says, when you goin back home again?

I say I don’t know,

He said a fire had started in my den,

As I inhale all the smoke from my home,

Irony wins,


He said I got a bed,

An extra room and a cocktail,

He said our buddy, Ted,

Just got a fortune in stock bails,

We’re goin’ out,

Gonna paint the whole town,

I have no choice,

We went to bar after bar,

Sat and stared at the stars,

My sorrow stung like bees did,

I fell and prayed to my God,

Why does life hit so hard?

He said, learn to endure kid,

My buddy hands me some keys,

And said, I know what you need,

I bought a house and I’m givin’ you the deed,

I click my boots three times,

Realize my home lived in my heart,

Surrounded by my friends,

Turns out I was home right from the start